Thermostat set high

Overheated and sweaty

Surprised eyes bulging



This is one cause of Hyperthyroidism. Hyper means excessive. The thyroid is a gland in the neck below the Adam’s Apple. Grave’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder named after an Irish physician, Robert Graves, who studied this over 150 years ago.

Antibodies attack the thyroid cells and instead of destroying them at first, they cause the cells to increase the production of thyroid hormone, the main supervisor of metabolism.

The resulting state of being “hyper” leads to elevated temperature, fast heart beat, sweating, jitteriness, and weight loss. Antibodies can also affect tissue behind the eyeballs and cause them to protrude somewhat.

Treatment is often Radioactive Iodine to destroy the dysfunctional thyroid gland followed by lifetime treatment with replacement thyroid hormone (a daily pill). Nowadays, it’s usually not such a “grave” disease.