I am a Family Physician who is flirting with retirement. I retired from 36 years of doctoring in Longview, Washington in October of 2014. Since then, I have done 3 temporary physician jobs. 2 of them were in Georgia; one at a solo practice for 2 weeks and one for 6 months at Robins Air Force Base working in the Family Medicine clinic. I spent 6 months this year working in Eugene, Oregon at a Community Health Center doing Primary Care. I plan to have at least one more temporary job near Portland, Oregon.
I am particularly interested in most forms of art and music and I am curious about our ability to make the world a better place for our offspring. My expertise is in the medical field, so that is the filter I mainly use for this curiosity. Eric Zimmer, from Denver, provides most of the art for this blog. He is a fine artist and illustrator. His wife, Elizabeth is a sculptor and artist from Denver and has been helpful as well with this project. Cathy Zimmerman, a journalist and retired editor from Longview, Washington, and my wife, Janell, have provided helpful insights as well.
Illness can be random as well as self-induced. This blog and its accompanying art and haiku is intended to reflect both attributes as they influence our health.
I am hoping for an interactive experience with and between readers. Each of us has health problems. Understanding them and their causes can lead to better health outcomes.
I encourage readers to click on the FOLLOW icon so the blog automatically comes to your email when it is published. I can not give individualized medical advice. Please contact your personal medical provider for queries about yourself. However, what you read here might lead you to some insights about yourself to bring to the attention of the medical provider.
So, in the modern vernacular, KEEP CALM AND BLOG ON

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