Spring Fever


The Cycle of Life

Autumn Rests in Easy Chairs

Spring Gets into Bed



Spring Fever


It’s a relief to realize this condition is not found in the ICD manual (International Classification of Disease). The phrase is a misnomer. There is no fever and sexual activity actually decreases in the Spring and increases in the Autumn.

People do often feel happier in the Spring due to the resurgence of light and nature’s beauty. It’s especially rejuvenating for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). They often benefit from an intense light source in the Winter such as a light box or light visor (the visor allows walking around while “lighting up”).

In a poetic sense, Spring Fever is an apt term as a season of one’s life. Yet older people still get out of their easy chairs from time to time and head to the bedroom. But they will never likely call them easy beds.